The highest "Handtossed and baked on Hearthstone Pizza" in the Eastern US


 Bullwinkels Pizzeria & Sportscafe

Located in the Top of the Beech Inn ,Bullwinkels Restaurant

offers great Hearthstone Pizza and contemporary Italian cuisine.

Enjoy the charming atmosphere in the stunning old moose lounge,

updated with AC for the modern times and handycap accessible.

Watch Sports and other great events from every angle on 50 inch TV's with

a 100 inch main screen. Most importantly enjoy the good food at affordable prizes.




Many Folks call him Bullwinkel
Looking over to the new Bar

The Ambiance of the cozy old Moose Lounge was transferred into a great new Restaurant.

Where the good folks meet for: Delicious Hearthstone Pizza, Pasta

and Spirits and have a good time!

The Lounge also received a new extension with projection screen for HDTV or presentations
A good place to hang out after a long day of work and sports

Cooking & Baking

The new kitchen delivers the highest Standards in Sanitation, Quality Meals and Efficiency.
This enables us to provide our guests with great meals  at reasonable prices and
 we are able to serve the 80 seat restaurant, the 100 seat conference room and
 sometimes a great number of take out pizzas for our guests in Chalets and Condos.

New modern Kitchen to create contemporary Italian Food
Baking with the worlds favorite Hearthstone Pizza Oven